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A community to help fast track your connections and success by connecting you with like minded people from around the globe who want to thrive in life and business OFF SOCIAL and in your own private community. You’ll grow, share, and feel more supported than ever for ONLY $99/mo. You can cancel anytime, but once you DECIDE ITS YOUR TURN™ you won’t 🙂

Christina Lecuyer Destined to Be Private Network

I am Christina Lecuyer founder of everything Decide It’s Your Turn: The Podcast, The Masterminds, The Events, The Retreats and now THE NETWORK which is a community for all things to come together!

The most valuable lesson I’ve learned over the past 10 years of creating the amazing life and business I now have is this: I have the power to Decide it! Little decisions like improving my mindset, who I’ve chosen to surround myself with, and investing in the belief that it was truly my turn are what has made the passion I feel daily and the profit I now make possible.

While discovering this path for myself wasn’t easy, after finding the right resources and tools, I now live a life and have a business I am obsessed with and my mission is to help you have the same. Hence, how the Decide It’s Your Turn: The Network was born! This Network will support you to change the trajectory of your life and business. You were born with a purpose and living that with passion will create the life and the profit you are looking for.

If this resonates with you, you’ve found the perfect home. I’d love nothing more than for you to join this community of driven humans who are making epic shit happen in their lives, having impactful conversations, and making their wildest dreams and businesses a reality.

By joining Decide It’s Your Turn: The Network, you will have instant access to like-minded, high vibing humans, exclusive live content from me each month, as well as endless resources to help fast-track you to living your best life! Not to mention, you’ll get a private app OFF of social media to do this. I know you’re so overwhelmed and burnt out keeping up with social media and this Network is here to solve that for you.

What’s Inside?

The Decide It's Your Turn Network Join Our Group
  • Two LIVE teachings each month on topics YOU request with Q&A time for LIVE feedback from from Christina, plus all recordings will be housed in The Network
  • Instant access to Christina’s “Commanding Your Worth”online course that will teach you the 7 week formula for building confidence & owning your worth
  • An exclusive membership app OFF SOCIAL MEDIA so you can FINALLY have that high vibe group of humans just like you who want so much more and live the life and have the businesses they desire
  • Exclusive Decide It’s Your Turn: The Podcast episodes for members only so you can always be getting content that’s relevant to you, for you. Basically, Christina in your ear whenever you want! 
  • Guest expert insights every quarter to make sure you hear from people who are ACTUALLY doing what you want to do. You will be able to  learn step by step from experts what works and what doesn’t on topics like confidence, mindset, business and so much more.
  • A place to share your work with a community who VALUES what you have and invests in themselves. LIKE A TRUE NETWORK!  Not like many Facebook groups where ALL promotion is off limits. I WANT you to be able to share and promote in here and get more business and traction because of it. Isn’t that the whole point of a Network?
  • Early access & special pricing to events outside Decide It’s Your Turn: The Network like Christina’s retreats, masterminds, VIP days and more!
  • Posts & bonus content not found outside The Network focusing on:
    • Confidence
    • Self-worth
    • Money mindset
    • Imposter syndrome
    • Limiting beliefs
    • Daily routines
    • Relationships (family/personal)
    • Strengthening your mindset
    • How to change your vibration
    • How to monetize your ideas
    • PLUS we value your ideas and always take requests on what content is wanted!

Why Is The Network Different Than Every Other Community Or Group

It’s too often I hear, “I can’t seem to find people who think like me or want the same things from life as I do” or “I NEED to be held accountable to doing the thing I’ve said for year after year I want to do and never do it.”

Well, friend, this is EXACTLY why I’ve set this network up and why this is DIFFERENT than all the other social communities.

YOU, and people just like you are ready to live life confidently, with passion and a purpose to kick ass, take names, and live a life you can’t wait to wake up for and you need a space that makes this happen; THE NETWORK IS THAT PLACE!

My focus is helping each person who works with me and joins this network make sure they know their purpose, know they are worthy, feel held accountable and supported by the group, utilize the resources to help grow their profitability in their life and business, and ultimately — create a community of like-minded people that are as obsessed with their life and business as I am mine! Truly, I’ve tried it all and I’m here to give you the tools and shortcuts to do it.

The Network is DIFFERENT because:

  • It is OFF social media in our own app and website
  • You CAN actually network; share your thoughts and ideas with people doing the same
  • It’s EASY to find the content (unlike social media groups)
  • LIVE teaching calls with Christina 2x per month on topics that actually move the needle
  • Christina attracts the highest caliber people, just like you, and you will be in THAT NETWORK
    • The Decide It’s Your Turn Network is Ideal For:

      Someone ready to DECIDE it’s their turn.


      Someone ready to listen to that small voice telling them they are CAPABLE of so much more

      Someone who needs a high vibe, NO BULLSHIT, true connection space

      Someone who needs strategy & accountability to get them living in their PURPOSE

      Someone who needs to gain CONFIDENCE

      Someone who needs to break through the IMPOSTER SYNDROME

      Someone who needs to LEARN from those who have done what they want to do

      Someone who desires to make themselves their greatest INVESTMENT

      Someone who wants to be surrounded by LIKE-MINDED individuals who are going to the next level in life and business!

      Someone who wants impactful STRATEGY from those who have “Done the Damn Thing”!

      Someone who KNOWS they want a place OFF OF SOCIAL MEDIA to network and be seen that doesn’t involve trying to beat the algorithm

      Someone who is ready to THRIVE

      Still unsure if it’s the right fit for you? Check out what other clients are saying..

      Destined to Be Network Testimonials
      Decide It's Your Turn The Network

      What Are Others Gaining from Decide It’s Your Turn™: The Network?

      Meaningful Connection

      Revolutionary Ideas

      Incredible Support

      Business & Profit Inspiration

      How-To Strategies

      Learning from Others

      Let’s Recap What You Get

      1. Two LIVE teaching calls per month with Christina on topics YOU request plus bonus podcasts from her throughout the year with access to all recordings that will help you gain confidence and get clear actionable strategy to start living the life and having the business you were made for.

      2. A high vibe community of humans who want more out of life and business that you can ACTUALLY NETWORK WITH and learn what they have done to create the life and business they were made for!

      3. A community OFF SOCIAL MEDIA in a simple to use, straight forward app and website to get you out of the social media time suck, comparison trap so you spend more of your time feeling confident, certain, and primed to make profit and live a life you desire

      4. TELL IT LIKE IT IS information, tools, and strategies that actually change your mind, life and business. The Network is here to get you results like confidence, strategy, clarity, profit and passion, not just social media “likes”

      5. Access to Christina and people Christina attracts for an investment anyone who is ready to decide, CAN AFFORD.

      The Investment:

      The first step to any type of change is investing in yourself. I always say if you want to pay attention, then PAY!!

      Below you will find our pricing structures for access to The Network. We can’t wait to have you join us and remember you can cancel at any time; however let’s be real you won’t be going anywhere because you will fall in love with us, but even better you will fall in love with the changes happening in your life and business!!!!

      MONTHLY Membership: $97/month* — billed monthly, cancel any time (Remember, play the long game and watch magic happen 😉

      YEARLY Membership: $997/year, billed annually SAVE $167 instantly on a 1 year membership!

      * Network opens May 2021*
      **Join now for 30% off a yearly investment**

      I am Christina Lecuyer, former professional golfer turned confidence and success coach. I am the founder of everything “Decide It’s Your Turn™” from The Podcast to The masterminds to this Network. I am also finally living my dream life after SO many years of feeling unworthy and stuck in what I “should be doing” versus what I have created now, which is an insanely successful business I am passionateAF about.


      My firm belief is that everything you could ever want in life and business starts with a decision and I am the person that keeps you showing up to that decision! For the past 5 years I have been helping 100’s of people step into their confidence and create lives and businesses that they cannot wait to wake up for. I am obsessed with MAKING SURE people just like you step into their responsibility of creating lives of passion and businesses with killer profits, they were made for! I know The Network is the perfect place to make this happen for you. XO




      **if you still have any questions, Email us at hello@christinalecuyer.com and we will get back to you ASAP!

      Christina Lecuyer Decide it's Your Turn The Network









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