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Decide It’s Your Turn™: The Network is a women’s professional network that will connect you with like-minded people who will support you, hold you accountable, and help you fast-track your success.

Are you someone who feels like you lack the confidence and clarity to live a purposeful and profitable life? Do you feel like nobody around you understands that there has to be more or even wants more? Do you think that an abundant, joy filled, profitable life is for everyone else, but you? 

Well, I am here to tell you it’s a LIE! For years I felt the exact same way, living a life totally out of alignment, not fulfilled at all and if I am being honest, unsure I even had a purpose on this planet, but it was a LIE!

Once I started surrounding myself with other women who believed in abundance, found joy in life, and were actually doing things that mattered, my life DRAMATICALLY changed! I have now helped hundreds of women from around the globe step into their God given purpose to lead confident, profitable lives and that is exactly what Decide It’s Your Turn™: The Network is for: to connect YOU with THEM!

Christina Lecuyer, Your Online Community Host

This is THE Social Network for Women That Need Help in Their Life and Business

Find Support in the Network

Find the support you need to stay motivated and on-track

You’re busy, we get it. But your goals are important. We’ll help you stay accountable so that you don’t let those goals slip through your finger thus gaining the confidence you need to keep going no matter what.

Learn from others in the online network community

Give yourself an edge with insights from diverse thinkers

In this women’s online network you’ll learn how other women thrive — and what you can do to get ahead. Gain external perspectives for increased clarity and direction to live a life and business that you not only love, but profit well from.


Grow with your online network

Get your questions answered by Christina and other experts

Most women’s networking groups don’t give you access to live calls with experts in the industry, but we do! Plus Christina is ALWAYS in the group to help the right people connect and to continue to drive conversations.

Decide It’s Your Turn™ to Live a Life You Love

Join a community of women who are making their wildest dreams and businesses a reality. This reality can be yours too in 4 simple steps!





Join the Network

Connect with women in the community

Participate in live discussions

Achieve your goals

What’s Inside Decide It’s Your Turn™: The Network

  • Exclusive content from Christina every single month ($475/hour)
  • A private space off social media for high-vibing women (INVALUABLE)
  • Endless amounts of resources to fast track you in your goals – and bring your dreams to reality ($199 value)
  • Commanding Your Worth Online Course ($149 value)
  • Live guest trainings from inspirational leaders every quarter ($500+/hour)
  • A place to share your work with those who value what you have to offer (INVALUABLE)

Take the opportunity to connect with high vibrational women who will ensure you become the best version of yourself and grow faster than you would alone.

Imagine Where You’d Be If You Had Joined the Network Months Ago, Like These Members:

I love being a part of the Network. Christina covers a variety of interesting topics and I love that the calls are live so that I can ask questions as they come up and be a part of the conversation. Another perk is that the calls are recorded so that when I can’t make it, I can always go back and listen in.
Candace Dunaway

So many women have already taken the leap. What’s stopping you?

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