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Amazing titles, right? People always ask how I got so lucky. Truth be told, my career path has been a grind that’s required determination, consistency, courage, faith, and good old trial and error. I wanted to do something “different” with my career, which meant I had to pave my OWN way.
I’m also motivated to do things “right”, and by that I mean staying true to myself. Once I learned how to shift my focus from living life based on others’ expectations and tune into what I truly love, I started accomplishing more than I ever thought possible. But this mindset has come with a price… I’ve had to learn how to “fail” and use it to my advantage.

For instance, as a professional golfer I never secured LPGA status even after making it to final stage 3 times! It was crushing. After the third cut, I was left scared, unfulfilled, and wondering what I was going to do with my life. But I used my experiences, expertise, and connections I built to launch into my next venture.

If we are really reaching for our potential we will “fail”, but what sets the “winners” apart is how they use “failure”. I’ve learned to use failure as a stepping stone and trust it will lead me exactly where I need to be. Now I have eternal gratitude for the knowledge I have gained in the last 10+ years in self development, business, mindset, and what it takes to achieve my own greatness. I have been blessed with a 6 figure career that I love, relationships that fulfill me, and an enormous opportunity to help others succeed and live a life they love.

Now, I’m here to work with you.

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My programs are suited for men, women, and adolescents. My specialties are:

Working with aspiring athletes in transition (college/playing pro/life after pro)
Entrepreneurs looking to build their skills, connect with clients and close deals
Women pursuing male-dominated careers struggling to find connection and building their confidence

The Le “Cure”

Mentoring may occur via phone/video, agreed upon location, or the golf course.

I’ve found AMAZING value in meeting my students to hit balls and play golf. Some of life’s greatest lessons come up and the game provides opportunities to for us to examine your mindset when challenged, build confidence, discuss how to apply skills learned to real life situations, improve your game, and help entrepreneurs understand how to do business and close deals on the course.

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