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Decide It’s Your Turn™: The Mastermind is an exclusive community and coaching program for women that are developing their confidence, stepping into greater levels of success, and living their most purposeful and profitable life.

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Life changing connections with like-minded women so you can create a bigger network and bigger results in your life and business.

Guidance to help cure the overwhelm you’re feeling so you can finally create the success you know is meant for you.

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Unwavering support and 1-1 accountability from Christina so you actually get the results you have never had before.

Is Joining a Women’s Mastermind Right for You?

  • Are you ready to connect with a tribe of women who will hold you accountable and support your dreams so they become a reality
  • Are you ready to challenge the barriers and find the inspiration to live your purpose instead of  waiting on “one day”?
  • Do you want to conquer your fears that say someone else knows better or there’s more you should be doing? Growing your confidence stops the noise!
  • Do you want to simplify your life and make more money than you ever have before doing what you love?
  • Are you ready to fully tap into your gifts and learn to use them in a way that makes you more income and creates a lasting impact?
  • Do you want to create incredible relationships with people who will listen and empower you in a non-intimidating environment?

If you’re ready to make more progress in 4 months than you have in the past 4 years, text me the word ‘Mastermind’ to discuss how you can join!

What is Decide It’s Your Turn: The Mastermind?

Decide It’s Your Turn™: The Mastermind is an exclusive group that connects like-minded women like you who are striving for more purpose, alignment, confidence and profit in their lives.

There is nothing more powerful than a confident woman who knows what she has to give in this world. That is why this mastermind was created to help you stop the doubting and the shoulding and confidently trust that inner voice. The world needs you to step into that and live to your fullest potential. That is what this women’s mastermind is all about.

Ultimately, I’m here to help you be the confident woman you’re meant to be and create success in your life and business because of it.

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Transformation is Just Around the Corner

Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking for a women’s mastermind to help you achieve your goals, or a woman who wants to take control of her own success, Decide It’s Your Turn™: The Mastermind will help you get there. Here are just a few examples of the growth other attendees experienced in 4 months.

Do you want to take control of your own success and start achieving your goals? You can get started by texting me the word MASTERMIND!

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It, Hear What Past Attendees Have to Say:

After the women’s mastermind with Christina, I had exponential growth…Christina, she keeps creating these spaces for these women to be who they are supposed to be, and help them to grow into who they are supposed to be. You should try it out, because it’s simply magic!

Shelby Avann – Reiki Master and Crystal Healer

Since working with Christina I have been more willing to consider taking uncomfortable situations over easy routes. Christina has amazing contacts, and both she and they have been willing to share their experience and advice to help me grow. Christina is more than a coach, she becomes your friend and part of your tribe. Christina enjoys what she does 100%, and it shows. She has helped me see that I am valuable just the way I am and that I deserve to live my best life!

I’m still working with Christina, and love her energy and positivity. She helps keep me in the right mind-frame that invites all the good vibes into my life. I would absolutely recommend Christina, and I am talking about her any chance I get! I am going to continue to work with Christina, and I know that positive attitude, positive tribe, and abundant life are all mine for the taking!

Karen Mikulski – Partner, TSCG

There is no one like her. I have seen so many women try to do what she does, but they are missing the key element that sums up Christina- she believes in what she does and she does it because she wants to. She does not do it for the money, she does it to help others get to the level she is.

Lucy Baehr – Photographer

I have loved the 1:1 calls with Christina throughout this women’s mastermind. Christina helps me to think differently about myself and what I am capable of. Since working with Christina, I’ve created an international virtual summit, made my $3,000 investment back in a month, and I am more assertive about what to say yes to and no to. I have learned how she runs her mastermind and it makes me see I can simplify mine. I’m excited to continue to learn. I would absolutely recommend this women’s mastermind to others. I HAVE LOVED THIS AND IT WAS EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED!

Gretchen Heinen

So many people are seeing results from joining this women’s mastermind. Do you want to be in the next one?

By the end of this mastermind session you’ll have:

  • A tribe of women who will keep you motivated and accountable for years to come

  • Overcome the limiting beliefs that have always held you back from your dreams

  • Strategies to start taking action on your purpose and finally make a damn good profit

  • Amplified your vision and expanded what you believe is even possible

  • Detailed action plans tailored to you and accountability for REAL results

  • Life long habits and a support system to continue building your confidence and success

Are you ready to take the next step? Text me MASTERMIND to find out how to join!

Why This Mastermind?

There is nothing more powerful than a group of women who confidently lead a life of purpose while making a profit and supporting each other while they are doing it.

This women’s mastermind provides unwavering support and accountability that you NEED to get what you want while making life-long connections with women who are going to lift you up and cheer you on. I’ve said it time and time again–I pay for my friends and it is one of the best investments I have ever made. I know once you do the same you will see what I mean. I don’t believe you will find another mastermind where the coach and the women in the program care more about you winning than this one.

I want you to have 1:1 time with me to ensure you’re getting all you need to succeed. When you’re in the thick of it, it’s hard to see what you need that’s why you need the external group and 1:1 support. This mastermind gives you both plus results like this from past members:

    • Making back 3x the investment before the second month of the women’s mastermind!
    • Being hired for a 400k/yr position by building the confidence to apply!
    • Women have published books, started podcasts, started their own businesses!
    • Left jobs, got married, and most importantly confidently learned to love themselves!

Are you ready to gain the confidence that changes EVERYTHING in life? Text me the word ‘Mastermind’ to chat!

Decide It's Your Turn™ Mastermind

Investing in yourself is the best decision you’ll make! Text me the word ‘Mastermind’ to learn more about this women’s mastermind.

The Investment

The BEST investment you will ever make is in yourself. You WILL get a return on your investment because every single woman that joins this mastermind is committed to helping one another grow and evolve. Quit waiting for the “perfect time”, it doesn’t exist. The time is now to invest in you.

One Time Payment of $5,100

**Payment Options Available**

Meet Christina – Your Coach and Mastermind Facilitator

mastermind host christina lecuyer

I can remember so vividly how I felt after my first women’s mastermind retreat. It was 8 years ago, and I came home from those 3 days fired up about the future. There was a shift down to my very core, and I felt at home. I met humans who got me, who inspired me, who made me want to dream bigger and live more true to myself.

My life and business have been changed forever, and now it’s my job to help you do the same! Because you don’t just create a life you love and a multi-six figure business by accident. You create them because you DECIDE to and then surround yourself with people who can help you get there.

So girl, today you are in the right place. You are so loved, and I am so proud you’re here! I KNOW there is a greater purpose for you and that you’re ready to live out that purpose and make a serious profit doing it.

I hope you’re ready to say YES to start living a life you truly love! Because, if not now…WHEN??

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a mastermind?

In short, a women’s mastermind is a group of individuals who bring their unique skills and perspective to help another achieve their goals. If you’ve never been part of a mastermind group, you’re in for an experience that’ll change your life.

Is this exclusively for women with a business?

No! This women’s mastermind is for everyone. I truly believe in order to have a successful business you have to have self belief and confidence before you can thrive. So whether you have a business, a job, or the hardest job ever as a stay at home mom, you will fit in!

How big is this women's mastermind and will I fit in?

Oh my love, if you have made it this far I promise you the universe has lead you here and zero doubts you will fit in perfectly. We have had women of all ages, all demographics, all stages of life and ALL have known it was the perefect place for them. Plus the fact that we only take a maximum of 20 each semester means you will have close connections.

Are there payment options?

Yes! We always figure out a way to make this work for you. Just ask!

When does the program start & what if I can’t make all the calls?

The next semester starts late January 2022 and every moment of the women’s mastermind is recorded if you can’t make a call. Your 1-1 calls with Christina are scheduled by you so not to worry about that either.

If a women’s mastermind isn’t the right fit for you right now, check out the support network or 1-on-1 success coaching instead.

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