The Support Network You Need to Succeed

Decide It’s Your Turn™: The Mastermind is an exclusive group for women that are striving to live their most purposeful and profitable life and business.

Are you ready to live your life with CLASS?
Confidently living with purpose
Leading a life you love
Filled with Abundance
Supportive to all and Successful AF

Then, girlfriend, Decide It’s Your Turn™: The Mastermind is for you!

Girl, I’ll be honest, I’ve heard all of the excuses:

“I feel stuck.”

“How will I ever make money?”

“I don’t have the time.”

“I don’t have the support.”

“You could never do what she did.”

“It’s just a silly crazy idea that could never happen.”

Listen, those are all just lies you’re telling yourself to stay stuck. I know because I did it too. But lucky for you, I’ve done some magical shit over the past 11 years to get where I’m at now, and MY purpose is to help YOU get here too.

 Girlfriend, I created a business of golfing with executives and got paid crazy money to do it. And when I say crazy, I mean I’ve made $50k in 3 days, and have helped raise over a Million Dollars for charity. Nobody had EVER thought you could get paid to do that, let alone make it a 10+yr career!

So next time someone tells you that “crazy idea” won’t work, refer them back to your coach. I’ve created the results AND life, the purpose AND the profit, and I’m here to make sure you do the same!?

This group is created to help you get what you desire. We are going to hold you accountable, help you get out of your own way, and allow you to see that what you desire is 100% already in you.

It’s easy to do something when you’re motivated to do it, but when motivation is lacking (and gf the motivation during this time seems to be a bit lacking, am I right???), and doubt creeps in, you need people who will hold you accountable to get you the results!

This is why WWC was created.

WWC Mastermind helps you live your most purposeful life all while surrounding yourself with extraordinary women on the same journey.

Accountability and motivation are going to be some of the most important parts of your success.I mean, let’s be real…how different would your life be right now if you’d had that??? ESPECIALLY now when the world has changed. Humans were made to connect and if you want something different you need to choose different and you wouldn’t still be reading if you didn’t know you were made for more, more sharing your gifts and creating more money. Connecting with women from around the world who have similar desires doesn’t just happen unless you make it happen and when it does happen you life and business will skyrocket.

Mine did.

What is the DIYT Mastermind?

Decide It’s Your Turn™: The Mastermind is an exclusive group that connects like-minded women like you who are striving for more purpose and profit in their businesses and more meaning in their lives. We are women that say “yes” to becoming who the universe truly intended us to be and will not settle for less. We listen to what WE WANT because it allows us to tap into our unique gifts, make enormous impact and a killer income. Our world needs badass women to step up and fulfill their potential – the world needs YOUR special gifts. We need YOU. It’s time to start living even more courageously while inspiring others to do the same. I am living my purpose and I thank God that I have had the opportunity to learn from some of the most amazing and successful people in the world to share what I have learnt from them and through my own incredible journey and experiences with you!


There is nothing more powerful than a group of women who confidently lead a life of purpose while making a profit. If you’re doubting this is you, then you need this MORE than you think 😉 Girl, it’s in you and this group will ensure it comes out. Period.

You get the support and accountability you need to get what you want while making life-long connections with women who are going to lift you up,  and cheer you on. I’ve said it time and time again, I pay for my friends and it is one of the best investments I have ever made. Yes, that’s right I have and will always have my own coach and mastermind accountability partners. I invest in me so I can invest in you!

PLUS, for the first time in the 4-year history of WWC, you’ll receive 3 55 Minute 1:1 coaching calls with me on top of the group calls and Voxer access.

I want you to have 1:1 time with me to ensure you’re getting all you need to succeed. When you’re in it, it’s hard to see what can completely move the needle, that’s why you need the external 1:1 support.

When I was playing golf professionally I needed other players to learn and grow from, but I also needed 1:1 attention from my coach to make sure I was getting the expertise I needed to play at the highest level. And I’ll tell you this…I wouldn’t have made it to the final stage of the Qualifying stage of the LPGA tour on my first try without it, created a multi-six figure business, and built a life that I’m completely in love with without the expertise of a coach/mentor. A life you love waking up to is a real thing, and I want the same for you.

Are you ready to be successfulAF??

What you will experience?

  • 4 months of accountability, inspiration, coaching, and leveling up to get the results you’re currently only dreaming of
  • (2) group calls per month with Christina
  • (3) 55 Minute 1:1 calls with Christina to deep dive and answer your specific questions you will have to move the needle forward (When I get in your brain you will be shocked at what transforms!)
  • One guest speaker with Q&A per month. (Past guests have included: Mark Groves @createthelove on social media relationship expert, and speaker, Jay Papasan Author of Bestselling book The One Thing, Chris & Lori Harder, Multiple 7-figure business owners, business coaches, speakers, and podcast hosts, Vanessa Dew, Founder of Health-Ade Kombucha PLUS MANY MORE.)
  • “Social hour” calls lead by YOU! Each member will have the ability to lead a call throughout our 4 months together this builds your confidence and authority to lead 
  • Group accountability partners to keep you moving forward outside the group and speaker calls
  • Group accountability messaging access to stay connected the whole 4 months while creating lifelong friendships and associates to have the accountability and knowledge well beyond this mastermind
  • BONUS Accountability Call in December to keep us motivated over the Holidays

This Mastermind is for women who are ready to:


  • Intentionally connect with a tribe of women who will hold you accountable and support your dreams so they become a reality
  • Simplify your life and make more money than you ever have before doing what you love 
  • Challenge the barriers and find the inspiration to live your purpose instead of telling yourself it will happen “one day”
  • Conquer your fears and have the confidence to be true to yourself so you get what you want ALL the time, not just randomly
  • Feel more in love with yourself and thankful for the life you’re creating because you have CHOSEN it, not that someone told you too or randomly happened
  • Create incredible relationships with people who will listen and empower you in a non-intimidating environment 
  • Collect the tools to make more progress in 4 months than perhaps you have in the past 4 years 
  • Enhance your relationships with family and friends outside of the Mastermind
  • Fully tap into your gifts and learn to use them in a way that makes you more income and creates a lasting impact

Not for women who are:

  •  Content to remain the same even if they feel a tug to step into their greatness 
  • Who would like to continue to dream about an extraordinary life, but aren’t ready to take action 
  • Don’t care to make new, meaningful connections 
  • Who aren’t ready to commit to living an abundant life and quit doing the same thing that’s getting them to the same results
  • Who think someday, but aren’t ready to make that today.
  • Who believe greatness is self-made without influencers, trainers, or supporters.


Cliff Notes Section:


  • A tribe of women who will keep you motivated and accountable for years to come
  • Confidence building and crush upper limiting beliefs that changes your life and your results
  • Amplify your vision, Expand what you believe is possible, A vision that is truly YOURS, that you’re making your reality and that is based on the purpose and profit you know you’re here to make
  • Guidance and resources to keep you on track living your purpose, to get what you want, and the roadmap to making it happen!
  • Strategy to grow your business and make a profit doing it
  • Accountability unlike you’ve ever experienced
  • Motivation because ALL of us fall flat from time to time, but getting back up is all that matters
  • Detailed action plans so you KNOW the result you want is within reach and step-by-step you will achieve it
  • High level, NO-BS 1:1 coaching, and external perspective


There are so many different reasons to join a mastermind, but the most important is that you’re ready to get the results that you KNOW deep down are possible for you, but you don’t have yet. This is TRULY the time to do something for YOU. Something that helps you to level up in your business, your relationships, and your life

The BEST investment you will ever make is in yourself and You WILL get a return on your investment because I will hold you accountable to do so! The best investments I’ve ever made have been on myself, and because I bet on myself EVERY damn time, I’ve gotten the results to show it.

Investment: One Time Payment of $4500 


Hear what previous members have to say…

Client Love

After the mastermind retreat with Christina, I had exponential growth…Christina, she keeps creating these spaces for these women to be who they are supposed to be, and help them to grow into who they are supposed to be. You should try it out, because it’s simply magic!

Shelby Avann

Reiki Master and Crystal Healer

Since working with Christina I have been more willing to consider taking uncomfortable situations over easy routes. Christina has amazing contacts, and both she and they have been willing to share their experience and advice to help me grow. Christina is more than a coach, she becomes your friend and part of your tribe. Christina enjoys what she does 100%, and it shows. She has helped me see that I am valuable just the way I am and that I deserve to live my best life! I’m still working with Christina, and love her energy and positivity. She helps keep me in the right mind-frame that invites all the good vibes into my life. I would absolutely recommend Christina, and I am talking about her any chance I get! I am going to continue to work with Christina, and I know that positive attitude, positive tribe, and abundant life are all mine for the taking!

Karen Mikulski

Partner, TSCG

There is no one like her. I have seen so many women try to do what she does, but they are missing the key element that sums up Christina- she believes in what she does and she does it because she wants to. She does not do it for the money, she does it to help others get to the level she is.

Lucy Baehr


“My VIP experience was great, and I think what I loved most about it was that it was tailored to me! What I really want to accomplish, goals that I have, and things that are on my heart and things that have set my soul on fire. Christina you have just been so great..”

Sarah Faith

Singer – Songwriter

“I have loved the 1:1 calls with Christina throughout this mastermind.  Christina helps me to think differently about myself and what I am capable of. Since working with Christina, I’ve created an international virtual summit, made my $3,000 investment back in a month, and I am more assertive about what to say yes to and no to. I have learned how she runs her mastermind and it makes me see I can simplify mine. I’m excited to continue to learn. I would absolutely recommend WWCM to others. I HAVE LOVED THIS AND IT WAS EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED!”

Gretchen H.

“I MEAN! I feel like my brain is doing bicep curls with 50 lb weights during our hour together. I’m SO thankful for you, Christina!”

Dennia Beard

I can remember so vividly how I felt after my first mastermind retreat. It was 8 years ago, and I came home from those 3 days fired up about the future. There was a shift down to my very core, and I felt at home. I met humans who got me, who inspired me, who made me want to dream bigger and live more true to myself. My life and business have been changed forever, and now it’s my job to help you do the same! Because you don’t just create a life you love and a multi-six figure business by accident. You create them because you DECIDE to and then surround yourself with people who can help you get there.

So girl, today you are in the right place. You are so loved, and I am so proud you’re here! I KNOW there is a greater purpose for you and that you’re ready to live out that purpose and make a serious profit doing it. I hope you’re ready to say YES to start living a life you truly love! Because, if not now…WHEN??



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