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I can remember so vividly how I felt after my first Mastermind Retreat. It was 3 years ago, and I came home from those 3 days fired up about the future. There was a shift down to my very core, and I felt at home. I met women who were with me and inspired me to dream bigger and live more authentically. Before Mastermind, I felt like I was constantly waiting for my “real life” to begin…

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I didn’t know I needed the Mastermind group. Christina approached me out of the blue. Of course my first thought was, is this a Multi-level Marketing group?….But what Christina has done, because she’s been our ring leader, with it is give us clarity as how the 3 other women and I can approach business and our lives. It’s a confidential group. That’s my favorite thing about it…I’ve loved every moment of it. I’m very fortunate I’ve been able to sit at her feet, and if it’s something you’re able to do you’ll want to do this. You will not regret it. Lisa F.

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