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For 10+ years Christina Lecuyer has been the only full-time, female corporate and charity golf host in North America.

As a hostess, Christina draws on her experience as a professional golfer, television personality, and entrepreneur to connect 1:1 and hit golf shots with clients and guests, share stories, provide swing tips, take photos, raise awareness for important causes, and crack a few jokes! She does this all while raising money for your charity and to boost morale, productivity, and revenue for your business.

Christina believes in what she calls “The Trifecta”: Play great golf, look great doing it, and connect with each guest above all else! This trifecta of professionalism is one of the many reasons Christina has been able to grow and maintain her clientele for 10+ years.

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Because I believe in you so much and want to hold you accountable for the commitment you make to yourself upon signing up for any of my programs, courses, or purchasing tickets to my events, I have a strict NO REFUND policy. 


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