Is what you’re doing getting you closer or further from who you aspire to be?


Any of these sound familiar?

  • “I wish I had the strength & courage to try something that scares me, but I’m so afraid of failure.”
  • “I don’t take action, because I’m terrified of what people will think of me.”
  • “I am on and off the struggle bus with personal accountability.”
  • “I criticize myself too hard, and have massive issues with self-doubt.”
  • “I want meaning! I wanna wake up, and know that I’m making a difference & an impact in the world!”
  • “I look around and feel like I don’t have anyone wanting to level-up in life, and I need someone to share my wins (& my losses) with.”
  • “I want to live more in the NOW, and be able to enjoy each stage of life.”

i believe every human deserves to live a life they truly love.


But in order to do that, you have to take action! You have to be the one to DECIDE you’re #WorthyAF of living that life!


And I can help you get there. I can help you move in the right direction! 


Coaching looks different for everyone, choose what works best for you: 

90-day individualized guidance and support to work toward living the life you truly love.

Whatever your problem, we can work together toward a solution. You’ll leave this 90-minute intensive with more clarity & actionable items to get you one step closer to the end result.

You’ll get my 1:1 time & attention to help you work on the thing that’s keeping you stuck in your business, relationships, or mindset. (Along with golf/spa & pampering)

Since working with Christina I have been more willing to consider taking uncomfortable situations over easy routes. Christina has amazing contacts, and both she and they have been willing to share their experience and advice to help me grow. Christina is more than a coach, she becomes your friend and part of your tribe. Christina enjoys what she does 100%, and it shows. She has helped me see that I am valuable just the way I am and that I deserve to live my best life! I’m still working with Christina, and love her energy and positivity. She helps keep me in the right mind-frame that invites all the good vibes into my life. I would absolutely recommend Christina, and I am talking about her any chance I get! I am going to continue to work with Christina, and I know that positive attitude, positive tribe, and abundant life are all mine for the taking!

Karen Mikulski

Partner, TSCG

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