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As a former professional athlete and television personality my life 10-15 years ago looked awesome. I was living a life many would dream of; yet the reality was I was at my rock bottom. I hated myself, felt without a purpose, had an awful eating disorder and didn’t believe I was ever going to amount to anything that made me come alive. I was caught in the trap of living a life I “should” love instead of one that I DID love. I was completely out of alignment and had no confidence in myself or my decisions. I knew something had to change or the consequences would not be good…

By the grace of God, plenty of hard work, killer mentors and strategists I can wholeheartedly tell you today I am OBSESSED with my life and business. I know with 110% certainty if you are ready to decide it’s your turn I can help you have the same. One of the reasons I was voted forges…. Is because I have gotten results for 100’s of clients over the last 5+yrs. Confidence IS the key to success.

Christina Lecuyer, Your Online Community Host

How can you work with Christina to create the confidence and successful life you

have always wanted?

one on one coaching

1-on-1 Confidence Coaching with Christina

Overcome obstacles that have held you back in the past and passionately pursue your goals with a hands-on program that gives you unwavering support from Christina for 365 days a year. 

Decide It's Your Turn Mastermind

Decide It’s Your Turn: The Mastermind

An exclusive coaching program for women that are developing their confidence, stepping into greater levels of success and living their most purposeful and profitable lives.

Hear Helpful Insights from Christina

Earn Your Happy

Earn Your Happy: Decide It’s Your Turn

In this not-so-solo episode, Lori Harder chats with Christina Lecuyer about her amazing brand, Decide It’s Your Turn. It is all about the importance of making decisions because those are the things that are going to move you closer to what you want in life. We talk all about empowering yourself to make decisions and choose yourself — because indecision is still a decision.

F* It Podcast

F* It! Podcast: I’ve Paid for Friends

Does that title trigger you? Then this is the episode for you. Join Amy Ledin and Christina as they talk about associations, routine, faith, connection and why paying for your friends might be the best decision you can make to level up your life and business.

The WHY Power Podcast

The Why Power Podcast: Mindset Over Everything

As if you haven’t already heard what you need to to BEGIN to choose you FIRST, here’s one more episode to shift that mindset! Choice is EVERYTHING; relationships, love, health, mindset, beliefs, education, collaboration, contribution, food, where you show up – where you don’t… it all boils up (or down) to you!
All Things Relatable

All Things Relatable: Simple Shifts Create Big Waves

In this episode, Christina talks about mindset. She shares how she had the looks, the money and the career, but was still unhappy and hated herself, and her transition to loving herself and her daily life. She still has struggles, but they have gone from bad days to bad moments. She offers some strategies that anyone can use in their own life to start living a life they love.

Healthy(ish) with Nutrish Mish

How to Design Your Dream Life

Christina joins Michelle to chat about putting yourself first, learning to trust your gut, developing healthy habits and routines, raising your vibration to attract what you want, and learning how to build a life you love.

Amber Lilyestrom Show

The Amber Lilyestrom Show: Letting Go of Perfectionism

Amber Lilyestrom talks with Christina about her own struggles, why quitting is not in her DNA + how she is willing to work harder than most people to achieve the life of her dreams. It all starts by letting go of perfectionism.

The Boss Life

The Boss Life: Decide It’s Your Turn

Stefanie Peters (best-selling author, national speaker, founder of Lady Boss Empire, and high performance business coach) talks with Christina and she explains why it’s essential to be aware and see what is serving you and brings joy!

Life Outside the Hustle

Powerhouse Women: Decide It’s YOUR TURN

Christina joins Lindsey Schwartz (Wellness Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author, Powerhouse Women Event Founder and Midwest Girl at Heart) as they discuss the power of reinventing yourself, how to step out of your fear and into your true worth, and the importance of truly investing in YOU.

Life Outside the Hustle

Life Outside the Hustle: Breaking Through Barriers

Join Brent Tieri (Doctor, Lifestyle Entrepreneur, High Performer) as he interviews Christina. They discuss how professional golf had shifted from being Christina’s passion to leaving her with low feelings of worth, self esteem and body image and how Christina’s rock bottom was so pivotal in her ultimate career outcome.

The Inner Circle Podcast

The Inner Circle Podcast: Command Your Worth

With a passion for stories well told, each week Carrie will feature stories of guests exploring their personal truths, highlighting their wins and uncovering the lessons they have learned along the way. Inspiring, empowering, and educating.

Flow State of Mind Podcast

Flow State of Mind Podcast: How to Find True Happiness

You are in for a treat today as we have reality show competitor, golf host, and mindset coach Christina Lecuyer on today! She is a badass and in this free-flowing conversation, we cover topics such as happiness, fear, and themes she has uncovered spending time with high performers on the PGA tour.

Just Get Started Podcast

Just Get Started Podcast: Mindset Coach | Motivational Speaker

Join Brian Ondrako as he interviews Christina to discuss some of her struggles on the golf course during LPGA Tour Qualifying School and how she broke out of the mold that everyone else thought she she be in and ultimately flourished by following a different path with her golf hosting, mindset coaching, and motivational speaking.

The Ladies Coach Podcast

The Ladies Coach Podcast: Commanding Your Worth

Christal Fuentes virtually interviews badass Pro Golfer, Celebrity Host and Women’s Empowerment Coach, Christina Lecuyer, to discuss how we can start to command what want – How to step into your power as women – What it even means to feel worthy & how to bounce back from the times you feel most uncertain about yourself.

Sexy Soulful Success

Sexy Soulful Success: The Course of Innovation

Listen to this interview of Christina with Emily Cassel on her podcast, Sexy Soulful Success, where they discuss The Course of Innovation. Sexy Soulful Success is a podcast where Emily Cassel conducts soulful interviews with women on a mission walking the path of feminine leadership.