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As a former professional athlete and television personality my life 10-15 years ago looked awesome. I was living a life many would dream of; yet the reality was I was at my rock bottom. I hated myself, felt without a purpose, had an awful eating disorder and didn’t believe I was ever going to amount to anything that made me come alive. I was caught in the trap of living a life I “should” love instead of one that I DID love. I was completely out of alignment and had no confidence in myself or my decisions. I knew something had to change or the consequences would not be good…

By the grace of God, plenty of hard work, killer mentors and strategists I can wholeheartedly tell you today I am OBSESSED with my life and business. I know with 110% certainty if you are ready to decide it’s your turn I can help you have the same. One of the reasons I was voted forges…. Is because I have gotten results for 100’s of clients over the last 5+yrs. Confidence IS the key to success.

Christina Lecuyer, Your Online Community Host

How can you work with Christina to create the confidence and successful life you

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Find Support in this Women's Network

1-on-1 Confidence Coaching with Christina

This hands on program is a uniquely tailored exclusive program where you have unwavering support 365 days a year from Christina.

Learn Valuable Skills in this Women's Network

Decide It’s Your Turn: The Mastermind

An exclusive coaching program for women that are developing their confidence, stepping into greater levels of success and living their most purposeful and profitable lives.

Grow with peers in this women's network

Decide It’s Your Turn: The Network

In this women’s network you’ll learn how other women thrive — and what you can do to get ahead. Gain increased clarity and connect with other women who also want more abundance and think bigger.

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