How a 7 Figure CEO Created Her Best Life & Business

In this episode:

Today we have such a beautiful guest on the show. Erin Hohnbaum, owner
and CEO of E.Leigh’s Boutique, joins Christina to talk about creating the
space and intention to allow the right friendships to find you. Friendships
come in many forms and fashions, so stay open and stay curious. If you’re
feeling sort of like a black sheep and wondering where you’re people are, this
one’s for you!

Christina Lecuyer’s Bio:

Christina Lecuyer is a former Professional Golfer, a three-time reality television
competitor, Confidence + Mindset Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Founder
of Women with C.L.A.S.S. Mastermind, as well as Decide It’s Your Turn:
Women’s Weekend. Christina’s mission in life is to empower people to fully
live in their purpose, confidently and successfully!

Erin Hohnbaum’s Bio:

Erin Leigh Hohnbaum is the CEO, Owner and Founder of E.Leigh’s Contemporary Boutiques and Co-Founder of the women’s group, PowHer Players. In 2011, at the age of 26, Erin took a leap of faith and quit her full-time job in Public Relations to start an online accessories business. After a year of traveling around the South setting up Pop-Up Shops and selling online, Erin opened her first brick and mortar E.Leigh’s location in Little Rock, Arkansas in 2012. Within a year and half later, she opened 2 additional E.Leigh’s locations. Now, 8 years later, E.Leigh’s is a multi-million dollar chain, with locations spanning Arkansas, Texas & Kentucky. E.Leigh’s currently employs over 100 women and men and was named the number 1 place to shop in Little Rock by Southern Living Magazine. Erin has always been driven by a sense of helping women feel their absolute best, believing that when a woman feels her best, she becomes unstoppable. Erin presently lives in Little Rock, Arkansas with her husband, Jackson Farrow, and her two rescue dogs, Charlotte & Penny. Erin was selected as one of the Top 20 in their 20’s by Arkansas Business and a Woman to Watch by Soiree Magazine. She is committed to serving the communities surrounding her boutiques and presently serves on the Board of Directors for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Arkansas.

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Full Episode Transcript:

Christina: We’re going to start this one because Erin and I are just sitting here
going, “What the hell are we going to talk about?”
We thought we had so much to talk about the first step. We’re like, “Oh my
gosh, this is going to be the best idea ever. We’re having lunch. We’re going to
talk about all the things.”
And we’ve just spent literally over an hour talking about all the things.
Erin: I’ve been here an hour.
Christina: She’s been here an hour! Talking about all the things and then all of
a sudden I’m like, “Okay, let’s record it. But wait, what are we going to talk
about?” (Laughs)
Erin: We’ve got a sticky note, guys, so don’t be afraid. We have a full sticky
note planned for you guys.
So, hold on tight. Cause here we go.
For those of you that don’t know me. Hi, I’m Erin. I’m one of Christina’s best
friends and I am excited to be here today. Thanks for hosting me.
Christina: Oh my gosh. We’re having lunch together. You’re hanging out at my
house. There’s no video on, so we don’t have to look appropriate.

You look beautiful. I haven’t showered. But I think the thing that we wanted
to talk about was all the things that we talk about when we get together for
lunch and people are always wondering what the hell we talk about?
Erin: I think one of the questions that I’ve heard anytime I’ve done anything
with any of your groups, Christina, is people ask about how to make
friendships, and it’s like, “Where do you find them? How do you have them?”
You know, “What does it look like to have a high vibe friendship?”
And I think that one thing we’ve consistently said to each other is no matter
what space we’re in, in life or business, first things first, we always show up
authentically for each other, I think. And that’s what we’re going to do for you
guys here today.
Christina: Yeah, girl! That’s exactly what we’re going to do today. It’s so
interesting because I think that everyone always wonders, how do you get
these friendships? How do you make these friendships? And like, let’s talk
about it from the beginning. So how Erin and I organically met was so crazy.
So Erin, she’s one of my best friends, but she is the owner of E.Leigh’s
Boutique. It’s a chain boutique across the Southern United States. And I was
looking at a shirt or something like that, however many years ago online and I
sent E.Leigh’s Boutique, the Instagram account. I sent them a DM and sure
enough, the owner of the boutique happened to be on the other side
because you’re…
Erin: I think our social media manager was on vacation that week from what I
Christina: Or someone was maybe fired.
Erin: Or someone left. For some reason I was on the Instagram page,
checking the DMs, which any of you business owners out there know how
that goes. If you lose someone or you have to make a quick change or
vacation or whatever, if you’re in small business, you’re just making shit work
all the time.
So that was me, but I saw Christina’s DM and I think I started following each
other. Maybe we already followed you. I dunno. I was on E.Leigh’s page
checking the DMa and I saw one of your stories and I’m like, “Hell yes. I love
this” and I think I commented on it from the E.Leigh’s.

Christina: Yeah, I’m sure you did. Then we went back and forth.
I’m like, “Oh, this is Erin, the owner of E.Leigh’s? Oh my gosh. This is amazing.
Erin: You’re like, who is this? (Laughs)
Christina: I’m like who is this person? Because I didn’t know much about the
store in the beginning. And then we had kinda messaged back and forth and
sure enough, we’re like, hey, let’s grab a cup of coffee. And you know, the rest
is history. We’ve been married ever since. (Laughs)
Erin: It’s true. We had chicken tacos with you at Samantha’s.
Christina: Oh my gosh! That’s totally right. I thought our first date was a coffee
shop. Remember that coffee shop that closed downtown?
Erin: Yes! Oh my gosh.
Christina: Oh, I know. What was it called? That was your favorite place. It was
almost like a bike shop and a coffee shop all at the same time.
Erin: I love that place. They’re in Bentonville though. Oh, and Austin, Texas.
Christina: Oh, amazing. Well, I have so many clients and my assistant’s in
Austin. So there you go. Meet your
Erin: Meteor Coffee. Shout out to Meteor. I love your coffee. RIP in Little Rock.
Come back!
Christina: We love it. But anyway, so that’s how we met, but I truly believe that
the universe always leads you to those people.
And you know, something that I get all the time is people coming to me
saying that they don’t have any high vibrational friends. They don’t have
people who think the same or on that same level who want the same things
in life.
And there is a period of time in life, and I don’t know if you believe this to be
true or not, but I always believe that there’s a period of time where you go
from where you were to where you are now.
And there’s this gap where you’re kind of alone. You’re kind of feeling like no
one else gets it. And so many people feel that way, but I want you to know
that you are exactly where you need to be because the universe always brings

those people into your life, perhaps through a DM of a clothing store in
Conway, Arkansas.
Erin: It’s true. I think I went through that period and I know, Christina, you
know, this about me. I was fortunate enough to grow up with a dad that
introduced me to the likes of Jim Rohn and Tony Robbins and Louise Hay.
And then I eventually found other students of course, in miracles, and all
those very high vibe individuals.
So it was really in my twenties where I wasn’t talking about that with anyone
besides my dad because I felt so strange and out of place. And didn’t really
have friends that were into that kind of thing. But they do show up. I truly
believe they do show up. Especially when you start feeling more secure in
your own beliefs and your own convictions, and you’re able to express yourself
more confidently.
I think people are attracted to that, don’t you think?
Christina: Oh my gosh, yes! A hundred percent. That is the reason why now
you and I both have so many high vibrational friends. It’s people who think
like us actually want to be around us, right?
And then the people who don’t, the people who think we’re crazy are that
people who think, you know what I mean?
Erin: For the record, there’s a lot of people that think we’re crazy.
Christina: Oh 100% way more people think we’re crazy then we’re not.
Erin: Our husbands at some points do, but they love us anyway.
Christina: Exactly. My husband literally needed to get on the crazy train with
me. But no, that’s a hundred percent the truth, right?
Now we have all these people around us because if you’re not a high
vibrational person, people who are not very relational, literally probably would
never want to hang out with us.
That was the thing that we were talking about is you and I, we never go for
lunch or go for dinner or jump on the phone or go for a walk or whatever it is,
to slam other people.
Erin: No, never.
Christina: Never!

Erin: Never. And it just brings my whole vibe down. I mean, there are
situations where, of course you do have to bend, you do have to talk about
certain situations before this.
We had a conversation about an issue that I was having, where I just needed
to vent to Christina and get her feedback. But I would never expect us to go
to lunch and that be the focus.
We really focus on ourselves, I think in our own personal growth. I know we
talked a lot about our marriages and personal health and just our entire
journeys, not just business and not just hustling and not just making things
happen, but truly our own self worth, our own confidence levels, taking care
of ourselves.
I mean, that’s really, I think where we find the most joy in our relationship.
Don’t you think?
Christina: Oh, 100%. I think it was interesting how this even came up, where I
said, “Hey, just come over to the house and we’ll have a glass of sparkling
wine”, but neither one of us wanted that today. So we’re on the sparkling
water train today.
Erin: Isn’t this who sponsored the podcasts?
Christina: Yes, absolutely. Waterloo Water. They sponsored the podcast. They
sponsor Decided It’s Your Turn, all the things.
But no, how this came about. We just were sitting there and talking about all
the things that made us so high vibrational and what made us leave our
lunch meeting and be so full after every single time we meet.
But the thing we were really talking about is how it’s not just business. You
know, you are obviously a very successful seven figure business CEO. You have
all of these stores. I do well in my business as well. Both of our husbands do
really well, but the thing that sets us apart is the fact that we really create a
life that we love, not just a business.
The day that this happened that we’re sitting there. It’s 12 o’clock. It was the
first time. It was sunny. It was like it was a Wednesday hump day sitting at the
country club. It was sunny.
And I said, I have nothing else this afternoon, I’m having a glass of rosé. And
you’re like, “Oh, my God, get me one of those, too.” And it was all of a sudden

in that moment that I’m just like, that is what we need to talk about. Not just
creating a business, but creating a life. And that’s oftentimes what we were
talking about.
Even today, you were talking about how you’re taking four days and you’re
going to Cabo and you’re just completely checking out. However, you’ve just
been hustling your ass off for however many weeks to get your store up in
Fayetteville running again. So it’s both, but it’s creating a life that you actually
like and love and enjoy, not just the hustle of the business. You are not striving
for one more dollar. You’re striving for a life.
Erin: Well, and I just thought about this while you’re talking. I feel like neither
one of us are striving to be rich. We’re striving to have a rich life. And I think
that’s where push comes to shove.
And I think that especially in social media right now, you see so much where
everything is about, like you just said, the dollar. Getting the next dollar and
the next dollar. And eventually when you’re in that mindset of just push, push,
push all the time and you don’t have time to focus on the things that truly
matter – your relationships, your marriage, your family, your friendships, when
you don’t have time to sit in that and really feel the gratitude and feel the love
and ENJOY the life that you’ve hustled your ass off to build.
What’s left, you know, if you’re not able to enjoy that? So I think you and I are
both so dedicated to living a rich, full life.
Sure. I love abundance. I love things. I love nice things. I love nice vacations, all
of those things. And I think that we both agree, yeah, we can have those
things, but that doesn’t distract us from our main goal of living a full, joy filled
life and being able to enjoy the small things, like a glass of rosé at the country
club, on a Wednesday.
Christina: What is sunshine for the first time? It felt like forever. It was like the
first day of spring. We’re like, “Oh my God, this is magic. This is magic.” But
even this afternoon like after this podcast is over, it’s only what three o’clock in
the afternoon.
You told your office that I’m done for the rest of the day. I need a break. I’ve
been working all week long. I had the same thing happen to me on Tuesday. I
took nine hours of calls, which is completely unhealthy and I don’t need to do
that again. And I know that about myself, but you know, then yesterday
afternoon, I played golf.

Today we are recording this podcast and I’m going to go for a walk later on.
You could literally put another store together. You can launch two more
stores. You could go even heavier online. I could take on another three or four
clients. I’m choosing not to because I’m choosing life over money.
I’m choosing life over the next kick of the hustle and saying, “Oh, I have 20
one-on-one clients right now instead of 15 one-on-one clients.” And I did the
20 one-on-one clients and with the masterminds, with all of the things, and
it’s a lot, it’s so much. And you had your store in Dallas?
Erin: Yeah. We were in Texas for five years and I realized, I was like, “Whoa,
what I’m getting out of these locations is not worth what I’m putting into
And you know, really at the end of the day, aren’t we all just looking for more
time. Time is such a valuable commodity.
And I think as I’m moving forward in my life, one thing that’s a distinct
difference from when I first started E.Leigh’s is that bigger is not necessarily
always better.
I think back to Jim Collins, when he’s in Good to Great, and he talks about
how they’re studying all these massive, massive companies that are making
hundreds of millions or billions of dollars a year. And he goes, “Really the best
company in America is probably some $10 million company in the Midwest
that none of us have ever heard of and none of us will ever find because they
don’t want to be found.”
They’re doing such good business and they’re at a great point where they
don’t want to grow anymore. And he poses the question, would you rather
own a hundred million dollar company at a 2% bottom line margin? Or would
you rather run a $10 million company at a 20% bottom line margin?
Uh, give me the $10 million company at 20% margin. It’s the same bottom
line! The only difference is you’re working a lot less for the $10 million
company than you are the hundred million dollar company. And I think that
in my twenties, I would have easily grabbed for the 100 million dollar
And now I’m like, eh, we’re doing pretty good. I live a great life that I love and
it’s so fulfilling. And I get to work with people that I choose every single day.

How could I not be grateful for that? Even if it all goes down, like I’ve said this
a million times, even if it all goes down in flames tomorrow after 10 years, it’s
been a really great ride that I’m so happy with. Most of the time.
Anything you do is going to have pain points and you’re going to have
frustration, and you’re going to have things to complain about but just living
in that space of being really grateful for where you’re at. God, what more
could we ask for?
Christina: Right. I love that. I actually am specifically thinking of like a few
one-on-one clients of mine who’ve had these epiphanies lately.
I’m thinking of one client that we know together. She’s a singer songwriter
and sometimes I think about her life. And right now she’s not financially
where she wants to be. She’s doing fine, but you know, not really exactly
where she wants to be.
But I think about it, two weeks ago, she was playing golf at Pinehurst. This
week, she’s got four shows. She’s got a really great marriage that she loves.
Her attitude is so phenomenal.
And I know that last year, if she looked back at her life. She’d be like, Oh my
gosh, I’m so much further than I was last year, and I know that five years from
now, she’s going to be like, “Oh my gosh, I have all of these things. Why didn’t
I just really relish in the moment that I’m at.”
And I’m exactly the same way, right? I remember when I was playing golf, if I
would have looked back at some of those times and just took a second to
stop and just be like, “Holy cow, this is pretty amazing.”
I am literally playing on golf courses that most people would cut their left arm
off for and I’m getting paid crazy amounts of money, what I believed was a
crazy amount of money at the time. The sun is shining and yet, I didn’t think it
was enough because A, B and C wasn’t happening, or I didn’t get my tour
card or I didn’t get the next television show or all of the things.
And now I sometimes look back and I’m just like, Golly. If I had the mindset
that I have now versus what I had back then. Oh my God. I would have just
been rolling around like a pig in shit. Right? I literally was so excited about my
life back then. I would’ve been so much more excited about my life back then.
So I think that that’s something that you can learn from us even though
neither one of us are billionaires. I truly do believe we’re both so successful in

our own right because we choose that. Because we choose to work hard. We
choose the hustle, but we also choose life. We choose life.
And you know, you have a new baby this year.
Erin: Yes, little Georgie and he’s not so little.
Christina: He’s so freaking cute.
Erin: Literally so junkie.
Christina: And as a person who’s chosen not to have children. I’m going to do
a podcast on that because people always ask me that question.
Erin: I think that’s a great podcast.
Christina: I really need to. Yeah. I really need to do that. But as a person who’s
chosen not to have children, I believe that I’m allowed to say when friends of
mine, you know, most people are just like, “Yeah, your kid is cute.” Every
parent’s like, “Yeah, your kid’s cute.”
Your kid is the cutest ever.
Erin: I feel like you have to say that.
Christina: I don’t! I just choose not to say it to other people, but like you and
Devin, I’m like, “Oh my God, your child is beautiful.” I just love you girls so
Erin: I feel like you’d just feel that way no matter what, because you just love
Christina: Yeah. So maybe, but I do love my other girlfriends kids too, but your
two children were born beautiful in the beginning.
Erin: Thank you.
Christina: You’re so welcome. I think the cool thing about you and you were
talking to my mastermind this semester, and you were talking about how you
have taken a different outlook to motherhood than some do. And I absolutely
loved when you said, you know what, he has a nanny, he has a night nanny.
I am not there all the time, but when I’m there, I am so there. And when you
said that, I think it was a game changer. And so obviously this is kind of going
in a whole ‘nother direction, but I really could give two fucks. This is my
podcast. I get to decide and hopefully people love it.

Well, hopefully if you’re a mom out there listening to this and you think that
you’re always doing everything wrong and that there’s so much judgment.
My God, that’s one of the reasons why I didn’t have children is because I don’t
know if I can handle all that judgment. Y’all are so hard on yourselves, but you
said something so beautiful. And I think that your approach to motherhood
has been so cool. The fact that you are like, yes, he has all the things and I’m
not there at all periods of time.
But when I am it is beautiful and magical, and I am a damn good mom.
Erin: First of all, I really truly believe that I’m an excellent mother.
Christina: Ahh!! That makes me so happy!
Erin: I do! I think I told Jackson the other day. I was like, I know for a fact I’m an
excellent mother. Am I there every second of the day with him? Am I staying
at home with him?
No. But I do know that me staying at home with my child would not be the
best mother for him. And I truly believe that. I also have worked really hard to
find a great nanny that adores him. And I know that he is in excellent hands
when I’m not there. And it’s also given me new life and a new purpose in my
business because when I show up to work, it’s in a different space.
And I think that there’s something really great about being a working parent
in general, because it does give you this little extra zeal of how you show up in
the workspace. And for me, while I’m at home with George I’m with George,
and when I’m at work, I am at work.
I’m making things happen. It’s incredible, guys. And Christina will tell you this.
I think what took me four hours to do prior to George, I’m like no, two. I’m
knocking it out and making a decision, moving on. No time for bullshit. I got
to get home and give that boy a bath. But it’s been one of the most
exhilarating journeys of my life.
And a couple of days before I gave birth to him, I told myself, I was like, you’re
going to do what feels right for you as a mother. And you were not going to
give a shit what anyone else thinks about it. And so for those out there that
are struggling, I know I’ve had a few friends that have really struggled with
postpartum depression.

And that is very real. And I think so much of it comes from A) exhaustion. And
like you said, all the judgment. It’s just too much. You got to let yourself off the
hook, but you know, I didn’t breastfeed. My baby is completely formula fed.
Now, given, I am ordering a top of the line European formula, but, you know, I
knew I couldn’t do everything perfectly.
You just can’t do it all perfectly. And for me, I wanted to be really happy. And I
wanted to enjoy my time with him. And when we are together, I wanted to
make sure that he has a mother that is in a super happy space mentally.
And I’m really proud of myself for how I’ve shown up for him as a mother. And
I pray that I continue to show up as a mother like that for his entire life.
Christina: Oh my God. That is so, so good. And I think that thing that you said
there, and whether you’re putting this in place for motherhood, you’re
putting this in place for a business, friendship, relationship, whatever it is.
You just decided. This podcast is all a matter of deciding and you decided that
no matter what, you are going to enjoy the journey, you are not going to
judge yourself and you’re just going to do whatever it takes to stay in that
And I just loved that because decision, faith and action. Those are the three
things that I always preach in your decision was that no matter what, you
were going to be a great mom and not judge yourself and not listen to what
any fucking hater had to say.
And whether you’re listening to this podcast for the confidence, the mindset
or the business, or the motherhood or the relationship or whatever, all of the
above, listening and knowing that you got to do you.
That is like the most important thing on the planet. I don’t regret for one
second not having children. You have made the decision that you are not
going to regret doing it your own way and not listening to all the other
bullshit, whatever decision you make, you have to decide that that’s the
And you’re going to show up from that decision and you can’t let anyone else
literally pressure you into it. Like my God, do you know how many people have
tried to pressure me into having children?

Erin: And I cannot stand that, FYI. If you want to really tick me off, asking
people when they’re going to have kids, how many kids, if they’re going to
have more kids.
Nobody asked me if I’m going to have another child. I have a five month old,
like, we’re not even there yet. I’m waking up at 4:30 so that I can get a
workout in. I don’t need to think about it. But that’s one of my pet peeves. So
any of you women out there who have chosen not to have children, Hey.
That’s awesome because I don’t think people should have kids unless they
really want to have children. That’s just one of my pet peeves. I could probably
run on about that for 10 minutes. So we won’t put your audience through
that, Christina.
Christina: I love it. And we can talk about that a whole ‘nother day. I’ll talk
about that.
But no, I do think just hitting on that, the power of you deciding that no
matter what you were going to do motherhood your own way is so powerful.
And I think that that’s what you’ve done in your business as well. And that’s
one of the reasons why it’s very successful, you know, your marriage too.
I’m sure that your marriage is very different than most. You guys are both two
very successful, Type A, high achieving people. And there’s a lot of things that
you’ve had to decide.
Erin: A lot of moving parts. And Jackson and I, when we first got married, we
knew that our marriage was not going to look like many, many of our friends’.
And that’s totally fine.
Christina: Talk about your last name.
Erin: Oh yeah. My husband and I have different last names. Like Christina
said, my husband has a different last name, he’s a physician. And I never had
any interest in changing my last name ever. So when we first started dating,
okay it wasn’t when we first started dating, we didn’t talk about that.
Christina: First date!
Erin: Maybe not, probably, I don’t know, seven or eight months into dating. I
was like, oh, we were joking about marriage or something. I was like, Oh yeah,
I’m not changing my last name. And he was of course totally fine with it. He
didn’t care, you know, he’s like, great.

He’s like, “Well, I wouldn’t wanna change my last name either.” I was like,
“well, there we go. There we go. Mutual respect.” But when we knew that our
marriage wasn’t going to look like a lot of our friends’ and we were totally fine
with it. And one thing that I’ve noticed in the way that our marriages versus
other people’s is when we enter into those spaces really confidently, no one
ever questions it because it’s just, oh, that’s just who they are as a couple, as a
married couple, like, sure, it’s not the same as the way we live our lives.
A lot of my friends stay at home. A lot of our couple friends stay at home.
More power to you. I think that’s great, if that makes you happy and it
genuinely does in their relationship, do it. I would never tell someone you
shouldn’t stay at home.
It’s just not what works for our relationship. And so we’ve really, truly just
leaned into that. And I think that that’s part of deciding and committing, and
it’s the same way, like you said, I’ve done with the business and I’ve done with
motherhood is I really truly feel like I know what’s best for my life and I don’t
allow other people to question that. There’s just no space for it.
So if they do question it, I’m very confident in letting them know that I know
what’s best for my life and somehow, some way I’ve ended up here. So my
choice couldn’t have been that bad. Right?
Christina: Oh my God. I love that so much. I think it’s so, so, so important
because one thing that I kind of come back to here is the fact that not
everyone is going to agree with your choices. You and I, we are very different,
a lot of our choices.
Erin: Oh yeah, totally. But I respect you and your choices, and I’ve always felt
like you respect me. And I think one thing for me and you, too, is that we
know each other’s hearts and don’t you think that makes us better at seeing
other people and understanding other people? Because it’s like, okay, well, I
know Christina and I know her heart and even though we don’t see eye to eye
on this, that’s okay.
Christina: Oh, can we all just get a praise Jesus, hallelujah, amen? Because it’s
so true. I love you as a human.
Erin: Yeah!
Christina: We disagree on a few things and yet I know deep down in your
heart, you’re such an amazing human. I love you. And I can love you for your

differences, and I can love you for different opinions and I think where people
come with resentment and unkindness and all the things is when they allow
other people’s opinions to start affecting their own.
Erin: Yes. Yes.
Christina: You have not betrayed yourself to appease me. I have not betrayed
myself to appease you. And I think that that’s what you’re talking about when
you’re talking about you and Jackson and your marriage and all the things
that other people do.
I think where the tension comes in for so many people is they believe they
have to be doing a thing, right? So like your friends going “Erin, I cannot
believe you’re not changing your last name. What do you mean you’re not
changing your last name? Why wouldn’t you change your last name? Isn’t
that going to bother your husband? Isn’t that a thing? But you are so
confident in your decisions.
And I feel I’m very similar. I’m super confident in my decision. I’m like, “This is
my decision. It is my decision. I understand that you have a different decision,
but I’m going to have my decision and I’m not going to feel bad about having
my decision.”
Erin: Yeah. You have to lean into it. And that doesn’t mean there isn’t space for
other people or discussions or anything, but I think feeling confident in who
you are knowing your core values and then when you do have great
friendships, getting to know that person to their depths where you know
their core values, you know their heart, like I talked about earlier.
And then when you feel confident in sharing who you are, and it creates a
safe space, even though you might have differences, you know that no matter
what you share with each other and it’s going to be met with respect because
you do understand each other on a core level.
And I think, God, that’s where really a lot of great friendships bloom out of
that, right? Out of that space. I think all this to say, is you’re looking for a
friendship, a high vibe friendship. It’s just like everything else in life, just like a
career, just like a marriage, just like a partnership, whatever it is. Nothing’s
ever going to be exactly perfect. But you have to allow yourself to pull down
all the guards, be able to talk real and openly about all the big things in your
life. Show up for each other and let each other just be who they are, right?

Christina: Yeah. That’s so good. And try not to change them. And I think it
does definitely always come back to self-confidence, you know, confidence is
my thing.
And if you’re not confident in who you are and you deviate off that to appease
six different people in six different friendships. That’s what becomes very
difficult because then you don’t know who you are and you don’t know what
you stand for. I can have different friends in different friend groups, but
overall I’m the exact same person.
I may not speak the same and I may not act exactly the same, but my core of
who I am is exactly the same. And I feel comfortable enough to say this is who
I am, this is my belief. And hopefully you respect me enough. And hopefully
you’re confident enough in yourself to be like, okay, cool. That’s what makes
the world go around.
Two different people, I can respect you, you can respect me and we can still
love each other. And we can still agree on like 90% of the things that we agree
on are exactly the same things.
Erin: To that, this is a great point that I thought about while you’re talking. I
don’t try to force certain relationships to be what they’re not made to be,
I would not expect to have the same conversations that I’m having with
Christina, who we both know that we are on a similar path in life. We’re going
for similar things, not necessarily similar goals, but like we have a similar
attitude towards life. I don’t expect for other friends to be able to show up in
the same way that Christina does for me.
But that doesn’t mean that I can’t have a good friendship with them. It’s just
different. And I don’t expect for all of my friendships to be able to show up for
me in a certain way. Sure. I do want all of my friendships to be happy and nice
and fun and easy and I’d say positive, but I think it’s really important to
remember in all friendships that they are not all equal, like different people
can hold different spaces for you in your life. And I think that’s so important.
Christina: Bingo. And I think people a lot of times, they expect their spouse to
be the person. Right? Yeah. She’s giving me the point here folks, because I’m
not going to talk to Nathan about the same things that I’m going to talk to

I’m not going to talk to you about the same things that I talk to Nathan. And I
think oftentimes people expect one person to hold this space for so many
different topics.
Erin: And it’s not fair. It’s too much. A lot of times it’s too much to put on one
I learned that while Jackson and I were dating. I would share things with
them and sometimes it was too much for him. I was like, Oh my gosh, mental
note, like this is not great. He’s got his own stuff going on at work. I need to
find a different person to share this with. But I think it’s too much to have all
that in one person. It’s not fair.
I mean, I wouldn’t want someone to expect that with me, it’s too much to
harbor. So just being respectful and honest about which friendship is great
for which lane. I have certain friendships where I think the women are
incredibly funny and they’re lighthearted and I love going to brunch with
And I love spending time with them, but I’m never going to sit down and
have the same conversations that I’m having with Christina. And I just
wouldn’t put that kind of level of pressure on them. And I think that when
we’re looking for that, we just gotta keep that on the forefront is that just
because someone isn’t your friend that’s like your motivator, your hustler, or
your person that you’re bouncing ideas off with, doesn’t mean they can’t hold
great space in your life.
Christina: Yeah. I love it. So, so good. We’re looking at our list of things to talk
about, and I’ll be honest with you. I feel like we’ve hit them all.
Erin: We have! I’m really proud of us.
Christina: I’m proud of us, too. High five for us! Amazing! Oh my God. I have
enjoyed this so much. I love you. And you guys E.Leigh’s Boutique.
@E.Leigh’sBoutique on Instagram. I’m gonna put all the details in the show
notes. You guys can go and look at that store. Erin probably doesn’t know this.
Well, no, she does know this. I am the shittiest shopper in the whole entire
world. She does know this because I always ask her. I’m like, “Okay, is there
somebody at the store who can help me shop?”
You got to have the right inventory. Oh my God. I have people I can go in
there and be like, “Hi, I’m friends with Erin.”

And I know a lot of people say that, but I’m like, no, no, I’m actually friends
with Erin. And I need you to help me shop. And that’s one of the reasons why I
loved your story even before I met you, is because I can actually walk in and
say, “Oh my gosh, okay. So I really need some help here.”
This is actually interesting. I’m definitely not the person who will spend the
most money at your store, but I am the person who comes in, and will drop
like a thousand dollars at one time. And then walk out because I’m only going
to come in like once a quarter.
Erin: I was going to say once a season. Which that’s fine! I think that a lot of
people shop like that.
And I think that’s great. They like to load up and they’re good. We’ve told
them which outfits to pair with what. I know I get some texts sometimes
from Christina. It’s like, “Can I wear this?” Sometimes it’s a yes. Sometimes it’s
a no. You know, it’s fine. She’s really pretty. So that goes a long way
Christina: My husband has said that to me sometimes he’s like, you’re lucky
you’re pretty, I’m like, “Fuck you, what if that goes away?” Oh, God, I hope not.
Oh, that’s so funny. But yeah, no, her story is beautiful. I thank God for that
story because that’s how I connected this friend. Seriously, isn’t that
amazing? So you will never know where your high vibe connection
friendships will come from. Just be very intentional about putting yourself
out in the universe what it is that you want, create the space for it.
I wouldn’t have had you in my life if I hadn’t have created the space to
become the person I am today. And so for those of you who are out there,
who are listening, going, “Gosh, how do I find a person like that?” Just
continue to work on yourself. And the universe will provide a DM.
Erin: It could be a store owner near you, but for real, you know, I always say
stay open, stay curious to life and be gentle with yourself. Just be gentle with
yourself. Things have a way of showing up when you need them.
Christina: And that’s Erin and that’s it. I hope you loved it. Bye!

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